College: what I wish I knew

    Life Lessons

    I spent most of my college talking to high school friends on AIM (you remember AIM), watching movies on my computer, and learning how to shuffle cards. I never joined in, I always waited to be invited, and by default I had no friends until I was finally invited the last weekend of my junior year. I also was lucky enough to not have a roommate for most of my college career, but especially Freshmen year, your roommate is your…

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    End of summer maxi

    This year I have really embraced maxi dresses. They are modest but still give a great breeze. I really love this dress from Vineyard Vines. It was the perfect length…

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    Bows and stripes for days

    One thing I love about Charleston is the plethora of boats and marinas. Many of the boats are owned by locals, but many are also owned by retirees who spend…

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    (561) 687-0044

    I’ve been single most of my life. Before I met my husband three years ago, I had one short term boyfriend in college, and aside from that I was single…

  • Fashion

    (727) 317-1989

    If you are on the East coast, you are ready for a temperature drop. We’ve been experiencing highs in the 90s for weeks now here in Charleston and it’s impossible…

  • Charleston


    Charleston was recently named the number one city in the United States and number two city in the world, and it really is an amazing city to live in. It’s…

  • Relationships


    This post is actually inspired by a fight that my husband and I had a few months ago. My husband and I tend to have all out blow out fights.…

  • Fashion

    The Perfect End of Summer Dress

    As summer is coming to and end, the temperature and humidity just keeps rising. Here in Charleston, we are experiencing humidity averaging 80% which is absolutely ridiculous. As I mentioned…